“ What is the culture at Roland Berger really like? ”

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to Nicolas W. Senior Consultant, Roland Berger

Senior Consultant, Roland Berger

For me three things stand out with respect to our culture. First, we don't have a hierarchical, top-down mentality, e.g. it is easy to get in touch with our Partner. Second, there is no significant pressure amongst peers when it comes to promotion, because there is enough space for growth amongst all levels. This really creates a good collaborative working athmosphere. Third, we have an open but respectfull feedback culture. Feedback is taken seriously across the board. I think this point is deeply engrained in our culture since, for example, also our Partnes and Principals have to undergo bottom-up feedback loops.

Senior Consultant, Restructuring, Performance, Transformation & Transaction - Healthcare, Roland Berger GmbH

Fully agree with Nicolas! In addition, what sets Roland Berger apart is our value of entrepreneurship, which is not just a claim. Besides the project work, you can get involved in our firm and drive initiatives which shape our firm! I find this really rewarding.

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