“ How do you perceive the growth of digital at Roland Berger? ”

Samarth M. asked a question in topic General
to Maximilian W. Senior Consultant, Roland Berger

I wanted to understand how the management consulting firm is shaping and restructuring itself in an environment of exponential growth of in the digital ecosystem.
Senior Consultant, Roland Berger

Very good question! At Roland Berger, we also see that the classical "monolithical" approach to consulting is not the perfect fit to keep pace with the ever faster digital environment. Hence, we started our own digital ecosystem TerraNumerata, which brings in experience from all parts of digital (data science, rapid prototyping, purpose,...) and combines them to an offer tailored to the client's needs. On the projects I have been on, this has worked incredibly well and helped us to offer new delivery models.

Samarth M.

Thank you Maximilian for the insightful answer.

Consultant, Roland Berger

As a part of the digital team at Roland Berger I would like to add to Maximilian's answer.
Through our TerraNumerata approach we do not only support our clients with a solution. Furthermore, we show our clients how to use an ecosystem and additionally connect them with the right partners to build one themselves.

Roland Berger

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