“ I'd like to specialise in the expertise field of Sales & Marketing. What is your best advise for me to make this happen? ”

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I find Sales & Marketing extremely exciting – especially when combined with digital strategies. How can I make sure to get on these kind of projects as a Junior Consultant in the Zürich office?
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First things first: Great to hear that you are interested in Sales and Marketing. Personally, I think that there is so much interesting stuff going on at the intersection between marketing and digital strategies (e.g. new types of real-time measurements of marketing effectiveness along multiple customer touchpoints or 360° data-driven segmentation approaches). In my view, there are two ways which significantly increase your chances to be part of such a project on a junior stage: First, you can voice your interest towards your mentor who influences your staffing considerably. Second, you can select a competence center which usually covers these projects - i.e. consumer goods and retail or digital. If you, as you do, have already a clear preference with respect to the type of projects you'd like to work on, I think it is great that you can already choose a competence center right from the start.

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Hi Nicolas,

Thank you for your generous input and quick answer!

I completely agree, merging marketing strategies with digital means is truly exciting. Last year, I got to consult a leading insurance client here in Zürich on the topic of marketing automation and chatbot implementation for cross- and up-selling. We tried to make it feel like a single point of interaction for the user, across all possible digital platforms, which was a challenging and fun task!

Sales and Marketing + Consumer Goods and Retail sounds like a fantastic combination. I would be delighted to focus on B2C and to get to dig into topics aligned with my Master thesis at ETH; maximisation of customer value, evaluation of target group adoption and growth market potential.

I'm very much looking forward to the interview day!

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