Alina Z.
HR Expert Non-Consulting Recruiting
Job category Human Resources

About Alina

Key Experiences

From Fashion to Consulting
After High-School I studied Business Psychology in Munich. I started my career in the fashion industry where I was responsible for six countries with regards to HR Administration and Payroll. Since April 2016 I work at Roland Berger where I do recruiting for our Non-Consulting Staff.

Current Position

Within our HR Team I am responsible for our Non-Consulting Staff
Together with my colleagues I am responsible for our Non-Consulting Staff from Entry to Exit. I take care of the recruiting process and support the Onboarding. Semi-annually we conduct the evaluation of this employee group.

Main Motivations

Continually improving our HR processes to the best standards
At Roland Berger we foster our values (Entrepreneurship, Excellence and Empathy). Within our HR teams we therefore put the highest standards to our services and we continually want to further improve them. We are always looking for new innovations on the market, like new HR tools or trends. Those innovations will be implemented by teams with colleagues from our different HR sub-teams. With this cross-team-work we foster out great team spirit.

Top Advice

Believe in yourself
At Roland Berger we are looking for strong personalities. Therefore stay true to yourself and believe in your strengths. If you can show that confidently, we believe in you too.

Roland Berger

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