Daniela R.
Marketing Expert

About Daniela

Key Experiences

Absolutely digital: From editor to digital marketing expert
How did it happen? I got my first marketing experience as an editor of a student print magazine during my media management studies. Why? I wanted to understand how print works! Straight after graduation I started my first permanent position as a junior marketing professional in a mid-sized management consultancy. I had discovered that print wasn't my passion, so I was looking to challenge myself in a new field, and the fast-moving world of management consulting sounded very exciting to me! Within the marketing team I was responsible for the creation and ongoing development of the company's web and social media presence. As social media was very new at the time, nobody had it on their radar yet. Basically, I got the ball rolling by simply creating a Facebook profile for the company. With this small step, I was suddenly responsible for social media within our team. To further develop my skill set in this field, I then completed a postgraduate diploma in digital marketing. Digital marketing had become my passion, so I wanted to become an expert in my chosen field by learning more about strategies, channels, automation and analytics... At that point it was time for me to take on a new challenge and I started my job at Roland Berger as part of the digital marketing team. Why? I wanted to work for a company that has a strong international presence and is very progressive in marketing: a 360-degree newsroom concept, no silos, a clear focus on marketing automation, lead generation and marketing analytics. And now? Now I'm here, happy to be answering your questions and, of course, still excited to learn more about digital day by day.

Current Position

I drive our digital projects and marketing analytics forward
Within the global marketing and communications team, I take care of our internal digital projects. This includes things like rolling out the digital strategy, global integration of a marketing automation tool and development of an automated marketing dashboard. At the same time, I am part of our KPI unit, where my colleagues and I are driving marketing analytics. We regularly produce reports on our marketing activities and work continuously on optimization. For management, we create analytics reports and dashboards that are used as a basis for making important marketing decisions. My goal is to take marketing analytics at Roland Berger to the next level. Analytics should not be used only at the end of the marketing evaluation process, but right from the start, using data and reports to define the right topics for our mid-to-long-term strategy and to constantly evaluate real-world market conditions to select and engage with topics we need to jump on spontaneously.

Main Motivations

Ongoing new innovative digital projects & tools
As marketing is a constantly changing field, we get involved in a lot of internal projects – from introducing new tools to upgrading analytics to running campaigns in support of new business initiatives. This diversity is both exciting and keeps me learning new things. Personal development in general is extremely important at Roland Berger. The company offers an enormous amount of training and various career opportunities. I am always encouraged to take on responsibility, try out new things and find other solutions. That's what makes working at Roland Berger so special for me!

Top Advice

Show initiative and try something new!
The greatest tasks are usually when you try something new, learn something new and manage to build a bridge to the daily business and thereby generate real value for the company. So be courageous, show initiative and try out new things. You will learn so much and broaden your horizons! And: Work together with your team on new developments. Together you will take your output to a whole new level!

Greatest Achievement

Complete redesign of marketing analytics at Roland Berger
Together with our KPI unit, I completely redesigned the way we analyze and report on our marketing activities at Roland Berger. We now prepare regular reports on individual campaigns. In recap meetings, we check with our marketing divisions what went well and what didn'tto identify further optimization measures.

For the entire team, key figures and metrics such as conversion rate, bounce rates and impressions are no longer foreign words but concepts strongly integrated in our daily work. Decisions are no longer made on the basis of gut feeling but on clear facts and figures. We create regular reports for management and our Competence Centers, ensuring that all stakeholders have a chance to dive in and contribute. Clear marketing objectives based on fixed KPIs provide a measurable framework within which to anchor our marketing strategy. We are currently developing an automated marketing dashboard that will be available globally and will take our marketing analytics capabilities to new heights.

Roland Berger

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