Marika S.
HR Specialist Full-time Positions Consulting Recruiting
Job category Human Resources

About Marika

Key Experiences

My enthusiasm for HR topics developed during my bachelor's degree
My enthusiasm for HR topics developed during my bachelor's degree in social economics. Social economics is a mix of different socio-psychological components and business administration basics. For me, it was always clear that I wanted to work in a profession with a lot of human contact, communication and professional structures. After completing my bachelor's degree, I decided to do an internship in recruiting. I found that selecting people with different talents, having contact with applicants and monitoring job interviews was a lot of fun. And after I earned my master's degree in the field of business administration with a special focus on HR, I was sure that I would like to continue the search for exciting profiles and to accompany the right candidates through the recruiting process.

Current Position

I am looking for talented future consultants with passion for the job
At Roland Berger, my colleagues and I are responsible for selecting the right candidates for the consulting profession and for our recruiting days. Each of us looks after several Competence Centers and is always in close contact with the department. I prepare our selection days, accompany them, moderate the day, stay in close contact with the applicants and also conduct personality-based interviews. The scope of my role also includes handling the recruiting day follow-up and, when a candidate has been successful, arranging a contract with Roland Berger.
So you can say that I accompany the candidates throughout the entire process, from selection to the point of entry into the company. We stay in close contact during that time and I am their contact person for all employment issues.

Main Motivations

Working with so many different and exciting characters
In my work at Roland Berger I especially appreciate the open spirit of togetherness among colleagues. We are very respectful, we support each other and we have a lot of fun together. If you have any questions or problems, all your colleagues listen to you, try to help and find a solution together. We are a company with many inspirational personalities where you learn a lot and feel part of the team right from the start.
In addition to working in the team, I also love to do my job. It's nice to take responsibility for the candidates and guide them through the process, answer their questions and give them tips. It is always exciting to look at the different profiles and get to know them in person in the interview later. My work is varied and yet has clear, professional structures. Every person is different, so every candidate is different.

Top Advice

Stay true to yourself and be the original you.
We are looking for genuine characters that grow with us – professionally and personally.
In my career so far, I found that you should go your own way and follow your passion. It is always important to be honest with yourself, to think about what you can achieve, how you want to develop and what you really enjoy doing. Stay true to your own values and never give up your dreams, because if you really want something and work for it, you are usually rewarded for it.
For your own development, it is important to be authentic, to be yourself – that's how you will be successful here at Roland Berger.

Greatest Achievement

My successful career entry at Roland Berger
I'm very proud to have had the opportunity to join Roland Berger right after my master's degree. After an intensive training phase, I quickly integrated myself into the team, took over my own projects and suddenly had my own set of candidates. After a few weeks, I could already say, "Wow, I hired him, or I hired her". It is a great feeling to be involved in the growth of the company and to observe this. In addition, I took on the responsibility for one of our tools which shows that my team has entrusted me with many things in a short time. Yes, I would definitely say that my greatest success besides graduation is joining this great company.

Roland Berger

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