Maximilian W.
Senior Consultant

About Maximilian

Key Experiences

I started in bars and became a banking expert
Having worked in my family's restaurant (at the bar) for most of my youth, working closely in a team in high-pressure situations seemed to be the perfect, natural working environment for me. At about the same time, the financial crisis hit and caught my interest: Why do financial markets behave this way? What is the role of banks in this system? And why does it influence the real economy?
To start answering those questions, I chose to work in a bank on a combined degree program, where I studied finance at HEC Paris and was always looking to broaden my knowledge. Working at Roland Berger was the next logical step for me – being able to actively engage in shaping the financial sector and improving it along the way.

Current Position

I coach junior colleagues to deliver the best results possible
When you become a Senior Consultant at Roland Berger, your role starts to switch from mainly conducting the analysis and preparing it for presentations yourself toward guiding and coaching more junior colleagues on the different modules and tasks within a project. This is fascinating, as your role starts becoming increasingly complex – not just from a content or analytical perspective, but also in terms of people and team building. Ultimately, it all comes down to this: If the team is not enabled to work well together, you won't be able to compensate for it individually – so people matter most!

Main Motivations

The smartest and funniest team I ever worked with!
Consulting can be intense – sometimes, a tight deadline or an external event requires the team to put in the extra hours to pull off a thorough and convincing analysis. The more important it becomes that the team not only brings the right skills to the table, but that the chemistry works out right as well. Because in the end, no matter how "hot" the project gets, cracking a joke always helps the team keep their cool and make the project a joint success.

Top Advice

Take risks!
No, I am not encouraging you to bungee jump without a rope. But taking risks is ultimately the only thing that will give you a real payoff – both personally and professionally. Especially at Roland Berger, this is what entrepreneurship means to us: Taking the risk to be uncomfortable in our opinion, taking the risk to recommend unique, creative solutions and, ultimately, taking the risk to be the original you – always.

Roland Berger

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