Miriam R.
Personal Assistant

About Miriam

Key Experiences

A personal assistant in different set-ups over many years
More than 13 years of organizational and administrative back-office experience in the fashion, telecommunications and marking/PR industry led me to Roland Berger. Living and working abroad in Denmark and Russia gave me the background for a rounded career that I enjoy greatly.

Current Position

Organizer and gatekeeper with empathy and humor
I am the personal assistant to our Head of Global Human Resources and take care of things like screening the inbox, planning and organizing travel arrangements, internal events and managing the busy calendar, which is usually bursting at the seams. The huge influx of information, to do's and questions challenges me every day. But this is exactly where my strengths lie!

Main Motivations

Same same, but different!
Being the gatekeeper for our Head of Global HR gives me the feeling of being needed. I am the person in the second row who keeps an eye out to ensure that everything is running smoothly in the background – and my job gives me the opportunity to gain various insights.. Besides all the administrative aspects to it, that makes my work interesting and diverse.

Top Advice

Just stay as you are. Keep it real!
I worked at a marketing agency and fashion company before I became a member of the Roland Berger family and I thought long and hard about what to wear for the interview. The dress code could not have been more different, as you can imagine. I had never worn a suit before and did not have one in my closet, so I decided to stay just as I am. I went to my interview in nice jeans, cool boots and a sweatshirt. I did have some doubts about whether a consulting company would accept this, but I wanted to show them who I am. I felt super comfortable and was so happy when I got the job. Of course, there is a difference between someone who applies for a consultant position and will be representing the company to the client and someone applying for a job as a member of the support staff in the back office.

Roland Berger

Roland Berger is an independent company, solely owned by our Partners, who are responsible for overall corporate performance and business success. Founded in 1967, Roland Berger remains the only leading global consultancy firm with non-Anglo-Saxon roots. We are German by origin, European by nature and global by ambition, including a strong footprint in Asia and other geographies where we feel that we can truly make an impact.

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